Camping Neptuno
C/ Rodors, 23 – Platja de Pals 17256 Pals
Tel: +34 972 63 67 31 Fax: +34 972 667951 [email protected]


Any person who enters the Camping is obliged to comply with this regulation:

Hours of silence and prohibited the circulation of vehicles within the campsite 24 hours a day. to 7h. Prohibited the circulation for ALL the CAMPING, excepting exceptional cases, of urgency (ambulance, doctor or similar).
Opening hours of the Camping and free circulation of vehicles of 7h. to 24h. – The maximum speed allowed in the Camping is 10Km / h.
The parcels must be free and clean before 12 .00h, and the bungalows free and clean before 10.30h, A later exit to the indicated one will suppose the payment of one more stay. To calculate the bill for your stay, the nights you have spent at the campsite will be counted. The invoice can be paid the same day of departure or a few days before. If you change the departure dates you have booked, please inform us on the day of arrival, otherwise we will charge you for the total number of days reserved.
We DO NOT admit dogs. PETS NOT ALLOWED !!
Children under 17 years of age who are not accompanied by an adult who is responsible will not be admitted.
Children under 10 years of age will always have to be accompanied by a person in charge at all camping facilities, especially in the toilets and in the swimming pools.
The vehicle will be located within the assigned plot. In no case is it allowed to occupy the neighboring plot without permission of reception.
Visits to the clients of the Camping must be notified and paid at reception. The campsite reserves the right to expel visits that have not gone through reception. Visits are not allowed between 9:00 p.m. and 9h.
All fires that are not made in gas barbecues are totally prohibited. Lighting a fire is a matter of complaint to the forces of order and expulsion from the Camping.
The trash will have to BE PUT IN BAGS and taken to the existing trash bins. It is not allowed to leave bags on the ground.
It is recommended not to leave valuables or large amounts of money in the caravan or store.  Campers are responsible for their belongings: cars, caravans, bicycles, etc.
The rest of the neighbor will be respected at all times and especially at night. – Credit cards are not accepted. – The client will use due to the facilities of the Camping, ensuring the proper maintenance of the same.
Any irregularity in the proper functioning of the Camping will be communicated immediately to Reception.
Within the rules of the campsite and to be able to enjoy a good coexistence: Respect our flowers, shrubs and trees. Make rational use of water and energy, contribute to the conservation of the environment and not waste natural resources. Hang your clothes discreetly. Help us in the selective collection of waste, separate the waste according to its nature (paper / cardboard, glass, plastic containers, cans) and deposit them in the containers destined for such purpose located in the entrance, next to the Reception. If you have any special waste such as fluorescent, car batteries, light bulbs, bicycle tires, etc., you must deposit them in the specific containers for it located 1 km from the campsite.
People who do not comply with these rules of internal regime, or the logical rules of a good coexistence, will be invited to leave the Camping and if they do not, they will be expelled.

The client agrees to leave the campsite in case of: Jumping the fence of the campsite, that is, leaving or accessing at any point other than the campsite entrance. Do not respect the closing time of the pool.   Handling of some of the camping light boxes. Do not keep a low volume of TV or music, the neighbors have to be able to enjoy tranquility. Introduce people in the campsite without the authorization of the reception.

We appreciate your stay with us and we hope you have a good holiday.
Sincerely, the Direction of the Camping